Hi Iā€™m Chad Mann

A civil-litigation attorney practicing in the beautiful Ozarks of Southwest Missouri.

A little about me...

I was born and raised in Ellington, Missouri, a charming town nestled in the Heartland, populated with some of the most compassionate individuals I have had the privilege to know. I was fortunate to be born into a caring and supportive Christian family, where I was taught to respect others, find joy in God and the world around me, and to embody the utmost moral integrity in my everyday life.

Emerging from humble beginnings, and guided by a strong work ethic, I had the opportunity to attend College of the Ozarks (CofO) - a small, private Christian institution often referred to as "Hard Work U". My tenure at CofO extended beyond the academic acquisition of a bachelor's degree; it was a transformative journey that cultivated my character, strengthened my work ethic, and reinforced my dedication to service. I am eternally grateful to the exceptional staff, professors, and administrators at CofO for their instrumental roles in my personal development.

My academic journey continued at the University of Arkansas William H. Bowen School of Law. There, I was privileged to be mentored by some of the finest minds in legal education, serve as Chair of the Moot Court Board, and earn my Juris Doctorate, graduating with high honors.

Subsequently, I returned to the scenic beauty of Missouri's Ozarks. Today, I channel my education, experiences, and strong ethical principles into my legal practice, dedicating my services to fight for those who have been injured. My journey, from the humble town of Ellington to the field of law, is not merely a tale of academic achievement, but a testament to the values of respect, service, and integrity I uphold in my profession.






A Few Words
About Me

As a determined and tenacious advocate for my clients, I maintain a grounded perspective and an approachable demeanor. From a young age, the values of humility and equality were instilled in me, forming a belief that everyone deserves respect, regardless of their circumstances. I strive to be a man of integrity, committed to upholding strong moral principles in all aspects of my life and work. Indeed, I've found that the high road may be less traveled, but it is invariably the most rewarding path to choose. Finally, in the face of challenging circumstances that test my composure, I take solace in the wisdom that all difficulties are transient and every storm will eventually pass.


As an individual driven by self-motivation, proactivity, and a commitment to action, I naturally utilize my leadership skills to foster innovation and continuous improvement within the organizations I'm associated with. Recognizing the value of intrapreneurship ā€“ the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a larger organization ā€“ is vital, as intrapreneurs are often adept at problem-solving and conceiving ideas that enhance operational processes.

Employers who encourage this entrepreneurial spirit within their organization stand to gain significantly. It not only fosters an atmosphere conducive to the company's overall success but also sparks innovation and growth. Unfortunately, companies that overlook or fail to nurture the potential of intrapreneurs may risk losing these valuable assets to more receptive organizations, or even to their own startup ventures. Studies have indicated that a majority of millennials gravitate toward this intrapreneurial work style, seeking opportunities to inject creativity, derive meaning, and exercise autonomy within their roles.

As an intrapreneur, my ambition is not to revolutionize the existing system but to contribute innovative ideas that enhance our services, benefiting the company and our clients. While some employers may perceive this intrapreneurial inclination as a risk, it's essential to understand that our ultimate goal is to utilize our ambition, motivation, and proactive nature for the collective good of the organization.


Justice Sonia Sotomayor astutely observed, "no one succeeds alone. Never walk alone in your future paths." As a sociable individual by nature, I not only welcome but actively seek others' input. I've noticed that the benefits of workplace collaboration are manifold, with one of the most impactful being the enhancement of communication. Collaboration and communication are intrinsically linked; when collaboration is nurtured, everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions freely, leading to a more refined collective strategy.

This culture of open communication, fostered by collaboration, also permeates our interactions with clients. The relationships with our clients are strengthened, resulting in improved client satisfaction. Moreover, a collaborative environment instills flexibility within team members. Reflecting upon companies such as Blockbuster, Toys R Us, and Myspace, it becomes evident that adaptability and flexibility are not just beneficial but crucial for a company's survival.

When people converge with open minds to collaborate, the union of their diverse perspectives almost invariably paves the way for innovative approaches and solutions. The collaborative process promises to better serve everyone involved, providing newer, more effective ways of doing things, and fostering a thriving, dynamic workplace environment.

My Legal Practice

Since 2017, I have had the pleasure of a predominantly civil law practice primarily situated in the injury law arena. While I also have exposure to business law, criminal law, estate planning, and other areas, injury law is without question my stock-in-trade. For years I worked for many of the nation's leading insurance companies, and now I represent the injured using the knowledge and skills I gained while defending against the very same actions I raise for my clients today.







Estate Planning


Family Law


My Licenses

State Courts: 

Federal Courts: 
U.S. Federal Tax Court  
Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals
U.S. District Court W.D. of MO
U.S. District Court E.D. of MO

Where I Practice

The Law Offices of Bryan Musgrave, P.C.

Springfield Office

2005 W Chesterfield St #108
Springfield, MO 65807

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (417) 322-2222
Fax: (417) 322-6000