A little about my career journey...

My career journey began long before I was licensed to practice law; however, for purposes of maintaining a legal theme to this page I will cover only the attorney positions I have held. Overall, I have been exceptionally fortunate to work at such esteemed firms, and I cannot thank the mentors I had while working for these employers enough. To those outstanding mentors, I will forever owe you a debt of gratitude.

Gibbs, Pool & Turner, P.C. (2017-2018)

I still vividly recall the moment I noticed the job posting for Gibbs, Pool & Turner, P.C. ("GPT") while studying in the law library at the William H Bowen School of Law. The firm, though small, dealt with an impressive range of practice areas, with a particular emphasis on medical malpractice, business law, and workers' compensation law (from the employer's perspective).

Despite these areas of law perhaps seeming less exhilarating compared to criminal law, it was the firm's client base that truly captivated me. The opportunity to work alongside doctors, business owners, and employers - individuals ardently striving to enhance the world around us - was truly inspiring.

Although my tenure at GPT was brief, the knowledge and experience I gained during that period have deeply influenced my ongoing legal practice. As a fledgling attorney, my eagerness to tackle cases and navigate the intricate realities of law practice was coupled with a steep learning curve.

However, being mentored by some extraordinarily astute attorneys at GPT, I was guided through this challenging yet rewarding process. Even though it occasionally felt akin to trial by fire, I remain deeply appreciative of the invaluable experiences and learning opportunities offered to me. I ended my time with GPT not due to dissatisfaction, but rather because I was presented with an irresistible offer from another law firm that was simply too advantageous to decline.

Schreimann, Rackers & Francka, L.L.C. (2018-2021)

An Indeed notification led me to discover the opening at Schreimann, Rackers & Francka, L.L.C.("SRF"). I recall pouring over SRF's website after a full day at GPT, and even though the site's aesthetics were somewhat outdated (it has since been updated), its content offered a treasure trove of insights. SRF had a significantly larger team of lawyers and an expansive list of practice areas, promising exposure to a diverse array of legal fields that GPT simply couldn't offer.

Upon joining SRF, I remember stepping into my new workspace with a sense of awe and achievement. SRF's state-of-the-art office building, boasting some of the most well-appointed conference rooms I've seen, was indeed impressive. What stood out even more, however, was SRF's open-door policy, fostering an environment conducive for young attorneys to ask questions and learn.

I had the privilege of delving into a myriad of practice areas at SRF, gaining invaluable experience and insights from a cadre of highly esteemed attorneys. Working on real estate cases with Mr. Schreimann, auto cases with Mr. Rackers, and business law matters with Mr. Francka was a continuous learning experience, fueled by some of the most brilliant minds in the field. In addition, the caliber of attorneys like Mr. Buckley, Mr. Schmid, Mr. Letterman, Mrs. Peterson, and their associates was equally outstanding.

Shortly before I joined SRF, Mr. Buckley came on board, bringing with him a plethora of property damage subrogation cases. Fortuitously, I was entrusted with the task of independently handling these cases. It was this experience that ignited my desire to manage my own caseload, a prospect that the opportunity at LOBM offered.

The Law Offices of Bryan Musgrave, P.C. (2021-Present)

At the Law Offices of Bryan Musgrave, P.C. ("LOBM"), where I currently practice, I have found a role that allows me to apply my diverse expertise and skills, bringing immense satisfaction and fulfillment. Here, I have the unique opportunity to serve those who have been injured, utilizing the knowledge I have acquired across a variety of legal disciplines from my tenures at GPT and SRF. Under the mentorship of Mr. Musgrave, a seasoned trial attorney, I am able to effectively advocate for our clients, in areas that extend beyond personal injury to include family and divorce law, estate planning, and criminal law, managing a diverse caseload with confidence.

The team at Mr. Musgrave's firm is one of the most exceptional groups I've had the privilege to work with, particularly within the personal injury sector. As Warren Buffett once said, he tiptoes to work each day in anticipation of what lies ahead. I echo this sentiment at LOBM, as each day brings new and diverse challenges across multiple areas of law. The honor of serving the injured, guiding families through complex legal issues, helping individuals prepare for the future with estate planning, or defending those facing criminal charges instills a deep sense of purpose in my work. I am immensely grateful for the diverse career opportunities that have come my way, the exceptional clients I've had the pleasure to serve, the invaluable mentorship I've received, and my current multifaceted role at LOBM.